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Dance Notation


Notate Your Dance using Motif Notation 

(3 Week Course)
Dates TBD

  • Learn 9 principles and corresponding tools for notating your dance choreography using Motif Notation and the Language of Dance® approach. 


  • Non-synchronous lessons introduce essential theory and notation best-practices and then weekly group meetings (held on Zoom) give you a chance to workshop your ideas with the cohort. 


For more detailed information,

please click here: LINK TO SYLLABUS

Fee: $297 + materials (purchased separately)

Publishing Program Image Warm.png

MeCo's Publishing Program

(8 week program)

Dates TBD


  • 8 sessions of guidance and coaching to refine your score for public sharing ($400 value)

  • 1-3 page score published in Vol 2 of the MeCo Motif Notation Periodical ($100 value)

  • All rights reserved to you

  • PREREQUISITE: MeCo's 3-Week Notation Course or LODC's Foundations or Master Practitioner Course. Feel you are otherwise eligible? Contact us!

Fee: $198

Nature of Publishing/ Rights, Usage and Publication:

  1. Author will retain rights to the score and may at any time republish or share through another means as they see fit.

  2. Author will state conditions for public use in their score blurb (Creative Commons). All future public uses of the score will be negotiated between the author and the public user.

  3. The author will receive no compensation or royalties for sales of the MeCo Notation Periodical. 

For additional questions regarding our courses, please email instructor Beth Megill at

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