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The Wind People, with book, lyrics, and music by Heather Megill is a 75-minute acapella musical set in dystopian America. Show themes include internment, war, oppression, liberation, social justice, intergenerational community, and hope.

Eight villagers live in an encampment in the American Southwest 100 years in the future during a century-long drought. Living in makeshift shanties and off of weekly rations, they believe their work in the nearby factory assists in the war effort. When the electronic speaker in the center of their village malfunctions, a man from outside the encampment enters their world, bringing with him confusion, the truth, and prompting the unraveling of a prophecy that will bring hope and liberation to the oppressed “wind people.”

"The Wind People" is recommended for ages 10+ due to language, intense themes, and quiet moments in which little kids may get fidgety.  

The performance will run for 75 minutes with no intermission. Seating is general admission, outdoors, on folding chairs. Audience members may bring their own seat cushion if desired.

In the event of rain, the performance will be moved indoors at the same location and proceed on schedule.

Megill & Company is a 501c3 non-profit dance and theatre production company dedicated to creating and producing new works that foster community engagement and runs 100% off of patron donations. To ensure inclusivity, we offer our tickets at a "Pay What You Will" cost. The suggested donation is $30 per ticket. The minimum donation is $5 to reserve your seat. We hope you will donate within your means. (Ticketleap will add a $1.50 charge to each ticket purchase.)

Due to the venue's limited audience capacity, seats not claimed by attendees ten minutes past the start time may be given to standing-room-only attendees on the waitlist. Thank you for your understanding.

Saturday, May 4
2pm & 4:30pm


Sunday, May 5
3pm & 5:30pm

Pay What You Will
($5 minimum to reserve a seat)

"The Wind People is Heather Megill's first acapella musical. Take a listen...

Take a Step an' Then Again
No Damn War
Free to Grow
Papa, He Was Smilin'
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