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Join Language of Dance® Teacher Trainer, Beth Megill, for 5 days of free motif notation instruction with a focus on musicality! 


Each day at 9am Pacific time Beth will go live on Facebook to give you the essentials of writing your very own dance score! 


Participants select a short piece of their own choreography to notate over the course of 5 days as guided through a step by step process for notating with musicality with motif notation. 


The focus on musicality highlights the power of rhythm and energy to create line and phrasing in your dance making.  Choreographers, dancers, movement analysts, dance musicians and more can benefit from this 5 day intensive practice. 


Join the international community today!


Topics include: 

Notating rhythm

Articulating energy

Clarifying meter and time 

Phrasing with accents 

. . . and more! 

Why musicality!? I asked and you answered! It seems understanding and deepening our musicality is something many dancers and dance makers are curious about. What is it about musical dancers that make them so captivating? What is it about a musical dance phrases that keeps your attention so you can’t look away? Where does musicality live inside a dance? These are some of the questions I will be grappling with as part of the free 5 day challenge. 


Musicality? I like to call it dancicality! I define dancicality as the dancer’s ability to embody its musicianship as an independent and distinct voice in the fabric of space and time. It is more than dancing the music! It is an approach to being an integral player in the weave of aural and visual counterpoint. 


Who should take part in this challenge?


If you have every had insecurities around your ability to “count” music, dance musically, hear music accurately, define a meter in music, or teach a dance phrase “with counts.” This course is for you. 


But, it is so much more than counting! For those already adept with basic music theory, you will learn identify and articulate the magic of why some dancers thrive with their musicianship while others struggle. Learn how musicianship is a process of modulating your energy to match the forward momentum of a dance phrase. Learn how transitions between movement ideas are a rich opportunity to enhance performance and connect with your humanity. 


Special Guest speakers will share their expertise on musicality, phrasing, and notation! Learn about the sound envelope from audio engineer Chris Reba and how it compares with a “movement envelope” and its kinetic logic. Explore the natural beauty of breath and line from vocal coach Heather Reba. Gain insights about the comparative structures in music and dance notation from the Megill & Co. Sketch specialist Richard Hellstern. 


Participate all five days and qualify to receive prizes for your hard work! Prizes valued up to $300! Plus, exclusive access to further study of motif notation with the Language of Dance! 


Sign up by joining the Facebook group today!!

IMAGINE!! Your Music Danced to by MeCo Dancers and $500 in your pocket!


Announcing our second Music for Dance competition. Times are strange and we are all looking for ways to earn a few extra dollars. If you are composer/musician, this could be your chance! 


First Prize: $500 and your music is guaranteed to be used in MeCo’s next season of dance making

Second Prize: $300 and your music will likely be used for MeCo’s next season of dance making

Third Prize: $200 and your music may be used for MeCo’s next season. 

Submission requirements:


  • Length of piece: 6 -11 minutes 

  • Music must be 100% original (including music and lyrics)

  • Music has not been used for dance before

  • Any style or instrumentation

  • Submission deadline: July 31st, 2021

  • Submission fee: FREE

  • Complete Google Form (link below) with your contact information and description of your work (please complete a new form for each submission).

The fine print: Your music selection will be reviewed by a panel of MeCo artists. The three winners will be announced online on our website and notified via email. The music selected may be used in either a live dance event, virtual performance, or dance film in MeCo’s 2021-22 season. Composers will be given credit for their music in the program or performance notes. Composers will not receive payments or royalties for MeCo's use of their piece. 


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