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IMAGINE!! Your Music Danced to by MeCo Dancers and $500 in your pocket!


Announcing our second Music for Dance competition. Times are strange and we are all looking for ways to earn a few extra dollars. If you are composer/musician, this could be your chance! 


First Prize: $500 and your music is guaranteed to be used in MeCo’s next season of dance making

Second Prize: $300 and your music will likely be used for MeCo’s next season of dance making

Third Prize: $200 and your music may be used for MeCo’s next season. 

Submission requirements:


  • Length of piece: 6 -11 minutes 

  • Music must be 100% original (including music and lyrics)

  • Music has not been used for dance before

  • Any style or instrumentation

  • Submission deadline: July 31st, 2021

  • Submission fee: FREE

  • Complete Google Form (link below) with your contact information and description of your work (please complete a new form for each submission).

The fine print: Your music selection will be reviewed by a panel of MeCo artists. The three winners will be announced online on our website and notified via email. The music selected may be used in either a live dance event, virtual performance, or dance film in MeCo’s 2021-22 season. Composers will be given credit for their music in the program or performance notes. Composers will not receive payments or royalties for MeCo's use of their piece. 


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